I used to be very quiet, I wouldn't say quiet, but I held my emotions in. And it's not that it was on purpose. I thought it just didn't make sense for people to know, how I feel. And when you are like that, when you have that mindset, people don't know how you feel. They might think like, for the lack of a better word you're an asshole, because you seem nonchalant. And so I had to get out of that. I had to show my, you know, my soft side, my vulnerability side. So that comes with communicating and telling people exactly how I feel, no matter how it may seem. And no matter how they might take it, I just want them to understand how I feel and how we can move forward. 
I was in my freshman year of college, which was 2019, the fall semester. Came back on Staten to get my hair done by my mom. So I came back and I finished and I just had a really, really horrible headache. And I didn't eat that day. And my friend who became my girlfriend and you know, she said, "Okay, cool." 
She was all the way in Manhattan and she came back. Like, came back and took the boat and met me at the ferry, brought me food, brought me on Tylenol. And I never found myself, like in that position where somebody's gonna say, okay, cool, I'm just gonna do that for you. And I was like, Oh cool. This person cares for me. And we just kept building building up on each other, and I realize this person loves me.

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